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        Shiyan, Hubei Province,

        Minle, the best dumping truck hydraulic system manufacturer.

        Minle was founded in 2003, after more than ten years hard working,  Minle has buit up a nationwide sales and service network, very close cooperative relations with major OEMs,  Minle's products and services have been highly recognized in the industry.

        Minle is committed to provide the complete hydraulic system solutions for the logistics dumping truck, we seek to lead the industry by creating consistent value for customers.

        Minle pays high attention to the working environment, management and training, we believe that if the company take care of the employees, and the employees will take care of the company.  

        The company is under the foot of a moutain with a quite good natural environmnet, when you get into our company, you will see various billboards on which we write our fighting philosophy, we have standard basketball playgrounds, staff canteen and training center, all we provide is to make all the staff feel at home and devote their skills and enthusiasm to the company.

        The management team are professional in production, quality controling, reserching, marketing, information collection, and public relations. Work together as a strong team to fullfil the  company annual target,  we deeply understand that the management is the most important asset in a company,  we can not unify veryone's thoughts but we can unify the target,  Minle is a result-oriented company, meanwhile we understand the result comes from every day's hard working.

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